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BFI: About us 

Blackfish Industries is an up and coming distributor in the Midwest.  We provide a complete line of equipment and services for storing, pumping, mixing and metering petroleum and industrial liquids. Our customers come from a variety of industries including retail fueling stations, commercial and government fleets and other diesel exhaust fluid industries.
We believe in providing excellent customer service while ensuring competitive pricing. We are located centrally in America and committed to always keeping our customers at the heart of our operations.
We work with the best manufacturers in the petroleum & liquid management field. We partner with industry leaders who can provide the best equipment solutions for the fleet industry, tank systems, bulk plants, and the chemical industry.
Together we can build our company into a leading & trusted player in the field.






Recent Products

Chemical pumps АХН Q/H.1

Liquid flow range: from 1.5 to 100 m3/h

Chemical pumps АХН Q/H.2

Liquid flow range: from 6.3 to 400 m3/h

Chemical pumps АХН Q/H.21

Liquid flow range: from 5 to 400 m3/h

Pressure range: from 5 m to 125 m.

Chemical pumps АХН Q/H.4

Liquid flow range: from 1.5 to 500 m3/h